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We live in Bergen and it's no secret that the weather may change very quickly. Therefore, we check the weather a few days before the meeting and if the weather is bad, we find a new date and time that will suit both of us.
Keep in mind that cloudy weather is great for photography. If the sun shines strongly, we will look for shady places instead.
If during the wedding shooting it starts raining or the weather changes to gray and wet - don't worry, I have a lot of ideas for getting beautiful photos.



My job as a photographer is to make you feel comfortable being photographed and to relax in front of the camera. I will tell you how to stand, what to do. In photography, the main thing is to relax and listen to the photographer.



Feel free to ask me for tips on what you can wear to your photo session. In portrait photography, it's cool to use your clothes to show who you are.
For a family photo shoot, it's best to stick to two or three primary colors that work well together, and avoid too many patterns and large logos. Remember that you don't have to wear the same outfit in the same colors, the most important thing is that both the style and the colors you choose go well with each other without creating "noise". Ask if you have any doubts!



All bookings are considered confirmed after a pre-payment of a booking fee which is then substracted from the final amount to be paid.
Payment can be made via the following payment methods:​

  • Vipps

  • Invoice/Faktura

Scroll down to the next section for more terms and conditions.


Use of photos on social media
If photos are to be used on social media, the photographer must be tagged as @nor_wonder_photo on Instagram and @Mila Savina Photographer on Facebook.
When booking a photo session, a time slot is not considered as reserved until a booking fee of NOK 500 is pre-paid. This amount will be deducted from the final invoice. The rest of  the amount is invoiced after the session.
Booking - Wedding
When booking a wedding session, a time slot is not considered as reserved until a booking fee of 20% of the total amount sum is pre- paid. This amount will be deducted from the final invoice. The rest of  the amount is invoiced approx. 2 weeks before the wedding.
Cancellations and changes
In case of cancellation less than 48 hours before the photo session, or a no show, the booking fee of NOK 500 will not be returned.
In the event of illness, just get in touch to move the photo session to a new date.
If moving is not possible and the photo session must be cancelled, the booking fee of NOK 500 is not refundable regardless.
Cancellation and changes - Wedding
When cancelling a wedding photo session less than 2 weeks before the date of the session, the booking fee of 20% of the total agreed amount for the will not be refunded.
Proprietary rights
It is the photographer who owns the rights to the image (according to the Act on Copyright). You cannot resell the images without the photographer's permission unless otherwise agreed in advance. Edited photos are considered as a final product that will be delivered to you as a client. When booking a photo session, the client accepts the editing style of the photographer. Photographer reserves the right not to provide original photos to the client.

Click here to download full version of terms and conditions.

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