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I always want to capture special moments of my life. Thanks to photography, I can give this opportunity to other people as well. After all, time passes, and the moments cannot be returned. Photographs can bring us back to those moments and help us feel the warmth of the unreachable past.


My Story


Curious to know what brings me here?
I started my life journey in Ukraine. As a child, I always loved taking pictures and I begged my grandfather to give me his camera so I could capture everything around. I don't remember exactly when I got a camera in my hands for the first time but it seems like this passion has always been with me.
From the age of 16 I became the owner of my first camera and I fell in love. I started my learning from taking pictures of my friends and family. This evolved very fast to continuous learning from professional photographers and search for continuous improvement. Starting out as a hobby, it soon became the essence of my life. And now, my beloved job. 
I've lived in Bergen with my husband and our cat since 2020. I am primarily working around Bergen area.

What I like most about photography ?
I like to convey emotions through the picture. What I find unique about photography is that it helps to return to the events that will never happen again. For me, it is sort of a time machine or magic!

Why me?
I want to take photos that matter for people who care. I’m really into pictures that make you feel. The one’s that are heartfelt. The ones that draw not only your memory but all the feelings back to a moment on the photograph.
I love photography that tells a story. It’s such a privilege to be there to document such important moments! I'll do my utmost to make this happen for you.

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